User Base

Since its first release in June 2009, over 3,000 investigators have registered MouseTracker for use in their labs. These researchers encompass a wide range of domains, including:

Visual perception, auditory perception, social perception and cognition, behavioral economics, neurophysiology, psycholinguistics, high-level cognition, embodied cognition, cognitive neuroscience, language acquisition, physiology, audiovisual and multimodal integration, synaesthesia, motor control, memory encoding and retrieval, tone deafness, moral cognition, hearing, visual attention, group processes, artificial intelligence, schizophrenia, Parkinson's disease, neuroeconomics, executive attention, judgment and decision-making, language and learning disabilities, virtual reality, spatial cognition, cognitive aging, speech perception, forensic psychiatry, usability, addictions, obesity, music perception, marketing and consumer research, legal research, human factors and human-computer interaction, mechanical engineering, occupational therapy, mental retardation, organizational psychology, sports movement training, drug safety, ADHD, child development, pharmacology, among many others.